Yesterday saw 20 brave souls take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks as part of the fundraising for Matt + Chloe’s Jordan Trek! 
Setting off at 5am, the team faced some extreme weather conditions, battling freezing rain, thick fog, gale force winds and even snow! After tackling two out of three of the peaks, the squad faced the beast that is Ingleborough.

Unfortunately, the conditions were just not good enough for the team to safely tackle this final peak, with it being covered by a few feet of snow and the gale force winds becoming more severe. Matt + Dan, who have both completed all three peaks before in good conditions, said that yesterday was a lot harder on this occasion.However, this intrepid bunch aren’t accepting defeat! They plan on returning in the Spring to tackle the third and final peak, Ingleborough, finishing what they started!

This group should be immensely proud of themselves – their camaraderie and positivity kept them motivated (including some interesting singing), combining their enthusiasm to tackle this challenge. They celebrated with a pint at Leeds City Tap, before heading home for food, warmth and much needed sleep.

Thank you to all who have already donated towards Action Against Hunger – we’re so close to our target, but there is still time! If you would like to donate towards this amazing cause and show your support for the hero squad that took on the Yorkshire Three Peaks in January, and lived to tell the tale, then CLICK HERE!