Back in April 2020, beautiful posters started to appear around Leeds. In Good Company launched a multi-coloured Thank You for our frontline workers. Together with Morag Myerscough, FYI and Studio Build they turned the project around in just 72 hours. Little did they know that this act of bringing colour, joy and art to an empty, grey street of Leeds would spark a nationwide campaign.

20 days later, 6 more artists were added to the roster with Morag Myerscough and Leeds was awash with colour. Over 450 posters went out and #PostersForThePeople was launched, raising money for Mind and The Blurt Foundation.

As the nation faced a third lockdown, the #PostersforthePeople campaign V2 began, with even more artists and a new charity. Proceeds from the campaign went towards supporting Frontline 19, a charity that was set up in the midst of the pandemic, by Claire Goodwin-Fee. The charities aim it is to deliver psychological support to those who are, or have been on the frontline of Covid-19.

The campaign stretched further than just Leeds, with posters displayed nationally, in many of the countries major cities. And we even saw posters displayed overseas, sharing the thanks and gratitude we have to all frontline workers.

But it doesn’t end there…

The incredible short documentary above on Posters for the People 2.0 is to let our frontline workers know “We Still See Them”. A huge thank you to In Good Company for sharing this video with us, but especially to Ben G Brown, who single-handedly put the documentary together and provides us all a chance to reflect and thank our frontline workers, still battling every day.

It has been an absolute honour to be part of the #Postersforthepeople campaigns, collaborating on two beers to aide fundraising for these amazing charities, displaying the beautiful posters across the North venues and helping to spread the message of thanks.

And as we face the next step together we remind you all to be kind, be compassionate and look after one another. We love you all 💛