Just when you thought you could only have a beer fuelled conversation in the comfort of your local drinking establishment, two men got together to bring the pub experience into the Instagram online world.
On Monday we hung out and drank in the virtual pub with some of our fans by harnessing the power of Instagram! It was wicked to chat to @megahands_bar and @northernbeerfan about what we do and what we have planned in the future. Everyone’s words were so kind and the atmosphere was spot on! – it’s events like these that really put into focus how special this community and industry is and how grateful we are to be apart of it! Some beautiful snaps came up of our beers and the ever beautiful @refold designs!
Thank you for having us #virtualpubclub ! 10/10 would do again!
If you’re interested to see what its all about, give the chaps above a follow and get involved! 🍻
In a few weeks it’ll be our Northern neighbours @northernmonk in the Virtual Pub so start stocking up!
Thank you again Rob + Nathan for putting us in the spotlight and getting us involved!