Ute: Plaey Workshop

This weekend we launch Ute – a 7% WYIPA*

*West Yorkshire IPA

Ute is a new collaboration between North Brewing Co, esteemed design agency Studio.Build, furniture maker Plaey Workshop, and designer James Ockleford from Refold which challenges the boundaries of how beer, art and music interplay with their natural surroundings.

The project came from like minded creatives running away with an idea over a beer or two in Leeds. In the run up to the launch we wanted to share a little more about the people we have worked with, and their relationship to Ute here on our blog.
Matt Kelly’s first project for North was our (much envied) pop up events bar. Hopefully you’ve seen us pouring from it at a beer festival over the last year. We loved Matt’s work, and partnered with him on the design of our first city centre taproom on Sovereign Square. This weekend we also unveiled the new look North Bar with that signature Plaey tap list.
Tell me a little about how your relationship with North Bar started?
I met Christian and John about two years ago. We have worked together on several design and furniture projects including the North Brewing mobile events bar and the new Sovereign Street Tap Room space.
Tell me a little about your design influences?
Plaey is only two years old, full time anyway. Before that I worked in the arts after studying Fine Art. So being fairly new and not formally trained in design or furniture making, I would say I have an artistic approach to how I work. I enjoy how free this feels, allowing me to draw on design influences ranging from art, architecture, music, typography, sculpture and design.
3 desert island beers (you’ll have a working fridge while stranded!):
In order of strength —
  • Magic Rock, Spruce Kiss. I had this last winter at Roots restaurant and it was ace. Its the only place you can get this beer – so makes it super special.
  • Bombay Dazzler, Bundobust. I love curry. I love beer. This is a beer designed to have with curry! It has hints of cardamon and coriander, and ace artwork from Drew Millward – it’s a win win.
  • Mikkeller, anything Mikkeller served fresh at Mikkeller & Friends in Copenhagen which is one of my favourite cities. I love the whole feel of Mikkeller, from their branding, to their bar interiors, to the taste of pretty much every beer I have had so far.

Favourite bar snack?
Bao and dumplings! When we were working on the Sovereign Street Tap Room project I remember sitting in the workshop with John and Christian discussing what the food offer could be. I suggested Bao as I’d just been to Bao in London and it had blown my mind. I’m not saying I made the decision, but I like to think I informed the decision. James Little Bao Boy, if you are reading this – hit me up next time I’m in : )
Brewery shots by Nick Maw, off site shots by Joanne Crawford