This week is #recycleweek! It is important to us at North Brewing Co to do our bit to save the planet, and we’ve been highlighting some of the steps we’ve taken to reduce our carbon footprint over our socials. But did you know that the packaging that we use for our web shop and packaging can be recycled?

If you’ve ever received a delivery from us, you might have noticed this message on your box. If not, now you know!

Our boxes are provided by the wonderful folk at Pacsafe Packaging! They’re made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recycable! Once you’ve finished with your box, you can break it down and pop it into your recycling bin. Or, you can reuse it as a handy (branded) storage solution for all your household nicknacks!

The peanuts that we use for packing our web shop orders are made from natural non-toxic sources, like wheat and corn starch. They dissolve in water and can be used in compost piles after single use!
Another fun fact – they smell like salt and vinegar crisps!

We use aluminium cans to package our beer, which is infinitely recyclable. The labels are removed in the decoating process and the gases produced are then burnt to fire the furnaces! However, if you have had a beer to remember or if you’re slightly in love with Refold’s design, why not up-cycle?! A tin opener pops out the lid with ease (be careful with those sharp edges!), so you could fill the can with a little compost and pop a lil’ sprout in there! You could even pierce some holes in the bottom for drainage!*

*Please use extreme caution when handling aluminum cans – don’t want any nasty scratches!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL – here at North Brewing Co we are constantly looking for ways that we can reduce, reuse and recycle:
– The used malt and oats from our brews are collected by a local farmer, who uses the spent malt grist to feed the farm animals
– We’re working on making our merchandise a lot more sustainable, with water bottles, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and even socks being produced using sustainable materials and printing techniques
Springwell has opened up a whole range of possibilities for us to continue to reduce our carbon footprint – so just watch this space!