Thanks to everyone who came down to DIGJAM!

So we successfully hosted a BMX event in our Brewery + Tap Room, alongside our friends at Dig BMX & We The People (who are we kidding, they deserve all the credit, we just supplied the space)

It’s so overwhelming and exciting to see alternative events pop-up in our Tap Room + Unit 5 – when we first opened the brewery we never thought that we’d be helping set up a ramp and rails for BMX’ers to go wild on, especially following the &Model sculpture exhibition, it’s all a bit ace isn’t it?

Big shout out to all of the riders including Dan Paley, Jordan Godwin, Alex Donnachie, Alex Kennedy + more who got involved this weekend, Etnies BMX, Animal Bikes, Cult, BSD, and the guys at DIG BMX for choosing us! We had a blast!

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Photos by Alex Amato