Heya everyone! How nice is this!? What bliss! Hopefully you’re all having very lovely weekends, seeing some friends and soaking up plenty of vitamin D!

Today we’re meeting Olly! One of the new faces at Springwell serving up cold ones for all of you! Residents of Meanwood may recognise him from Alfred. We nabbed him to work over here because he. is. such. a. dude!

How did you come to work for North?

I wanted to get a foot in the door of the beer industry whilst still at University, so applied to North Bar where I was drinking at the time. They sent me to Alfred in Meanwood where I have been up until moving across to sunny Springwell for the last couple of months!

What was your first memorable beer experience?

Growing up, real ale was the only decent thing to drink locally. Summer Lightning by Hop Back Brewery was originally brewed in the house next door to mine and (regrettably for somewhere so close to home) still sold their beer in 4 pint milk cartons. That was probably the one that set me down the rabbit hole of beer!
Other than that, the first beer I ever bought from a bottle shop was Cloudwater DIPA V.3, and I remember thinking that it was nothing like anything I had ever tasted before.

What have you been listening to lately?

Recently been playing a lot of Juls, Kwollem and Nina Simone. Can largely get behind a bit of anything though! Apart from K Pop, I have definitely made my mind up on that.

Where is your favourite spot for a drink?

If I’m not rinsing my staff discount at North Bar, I’ll probably be at Brownhill & Co for the selection or at The Fenton for a game of pool and, if I’m lucky, a pint of Transmission.