Heya everyone! Slippers on, tea in hand, its time to meet another member of our team!

Meet May! 👋 If you’ve ever visited Springwell you MAY have had the pleasure of already meeting May. (See what we did there?)

How did you come to work at North?

I moved to Leeds from Manchester last November and spent my first 6 months here in lockdown, so when bars were reopening the job hunt began! I originally applied to work at North Bar and after the interview I was told I would be a really good fit for the Springwell Taproom. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out!

What was your first memorable beer experience?

Going back a few years all I drank was fruity cider, then one evening a friend was putting on a charity pub quiz at the local brewdog. I asked the bartender for something fruity and I was handed a half of Kirkstall Breweries Framboise, I couldn’t believe that beer could taste like that! From then on I was obsessed with sour beers. Then when I started North, my eyes were opened to the wonders of a hazy pale!

What have you been listening to lately?

When I’m not bingeing paranormal podcasts, my go to is ska-punk and folk-punk! If there’s trumpets involved I am completely sold. I’ve always described my taste as “happy melody, sad lyrics”, there’s always something really cathartic about those kind of songs. Honourable mentions go to; Days N Daze, Just Friends , and Onsind!

Where is your fave spot for a drink?

I haven’t explored Leeds nearly as much as I’d like so far but my current go to is The Brunswick in Leeds, I was also recently introduced to The Terminus Tap and Bottle Shop in Meanwood and loved it! But there will always be a special place in my heart for my old Manchester haunt, Common Bar.

That’s a lil’ bit about May everyone! Hope you enjoyed your introduction and enjoy the rest of your Sunday! ☺️