Hey everyone, meet Laura!
She’s Fay’s co pilot in navigating the sales skies here at North airlines! She’s been doing an amazing job in getting our orders out the shutter doors at the brewery the past couple of years and in providing the brewery team with sweet sweet home baked goods every now again!

How did you come to work for North?

– I emailed North’s head office to invite them to the UK’s first Ukrainian Beer Festival which my husband organises in Bradford as we were huge fans of North. I sent my CV along with my invite and got asked come in for an interview for a sale role!

What was your first memorable beer experience?

– My Dad took me to Fanny’s Ale House in Saltaire for a pint of ERDINGER Weissbräu and it was delicious! I felt very grown up at the time.

What have you been listening to at work?

– If I have calmer afternoon I love a bit of Ray LaMontagne and Simon & Garfunkel (biggest fan you will ever meet!) When it gets tough I’m happy with some pop/rock…anything from to Fall Out Boy!

Where is your favourite spot for a drink?

– North Bar is actually one of my favourite spots – obviously! Over seas it will be in anywhere on a Greek island with a view of the sea…