Hello, good afternoon! We’re introducing another staff member to you today! Everybody meet Jamie! 

 Jamie can be found zipping around Leeds and the North of England delivering the goods to our customers! It was his birthday last week and his 1 year anniversary here at North this week! – So if you see him out in his natural habitat this weekend, make sure you give him a nod, or get a pint of Kronenbourg in for him! 

How did you come to work for North?

I left FedEx wondering what to do and had a word with my mam about wanting to drive for a brewery. I’ve always loved beer so why not deliver the stuff? I applied for 5 jobs, one was North, and it was the only one I thought I wouldn’t get. I had my interview with Seb (aka Sebilicious, a nickname I’ve given him) got the call the next day, got the job. Wouldn’t ever look back!

What’s your favourite North beer?

My favourite North Beer Has to be Transmission, I like a hazy bad boy that I know will blow my socks off, tastes good, makes ya feel good!

What was your first memorable beer experience?

Tzatziki Sour, blew my mind! Mad Hatter disappeared and I’ve only just found out that Orbit Beers are re-brewing it under their name, I managed to get my hands on some and its even more phenomenal!

What have you been listening to at work?

Ziggy Alberts , Laps Around the Sun. He’s an Australian weapon who sings about love and making the world better, what more can you want?

Where is your favourite spot for a drink?

The Inns Of Court in Wakefield. I’m a craft beer lover but bloody hell, you can’t beat a pint of Kronenbourg in a boozer you love! Thin Lizzy on the Jukebox, pool. Wakefield.