🎉North Brewing Company soon turns 6 years old!🎉
Since our first brew of Transmission back in 2015 we’ve been playing with styles and techniques new and of yonder.

North Brewing Company’s origin story can be traced back to 1997, when North Bar, our small and much loved bar on Briggate, Leeds, was born. Classic Belgian beers have been poured there now for just over two decades.

Saison, French for ‘season’, was a beer traditionally made by Belgian farmers during the winter months to be enjoyed during the summer farming season. It’s a style of beer we’ve been eager to brew for some time and now we have two sites and two brew kits, it’s time to bring some funk into our repertoire!

🌅 Light of Setting Suns is our first ever Saison! 🌅
We’ve paid homage to tradition and brought a twist of experimentation to the beer too. Barley, Rye and Wheat make up the grist of the beer paving an ultra soft, slightly sweet and rounded base with chewy caramelized sugar notes. Saison yeast brings its unmistakable spicy and phenolic compounds of aroma and flavour with pink bubble-gum and perfectly ripe banana. We’ve given the beer the most gentle of dry hops, a sprinkle of New Zealand Kohatu hops interplays with the palate of phenolics finishing the beer with a warming embrace of clove studded clementine and tart blackberries. This beer is a little bit special and we hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we have enjoyed making it 🥰

Light Of Setting Suns will be available via our web shop from Wednesday 17th November, at 12pm!