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OK! – the beers…
North Brewing Co x Full Circle Brew Co – 6.6% – Fresh Hop American IPA – Mosaic – Vegan

Made in collaboration with our friends, Full Circle Brewing Company. Yakima Chief Hops brought to the UK a batch of fresh hops, picked straight from the bine and flash frozen. No drying, no pelletising, whole leaf Mosaic hop cones given to us in the exact same condition as when they were harvested in Washington state!

We took a different approach to the brewing process. We moved the cooled wort from our whirlpool back to our mash tun, where the hop cones steeped in the wort slowly releasing those beautiful golden beads of Lupulin, then we moved it over to the fermentation tank!

The result is a classic American IPA full of chewy and resinous hop character! Sticky pine, bitter resin, pops of bubblegum, tones of fresh squeezed lime juice and a dry woody finish all laid on a sweet crunchy biscuit classic old school American IPA base made up of extra pale and crystal malt.

Sea of Knowledge – 4.6% – Session IPA – Citra + Enigma – Vegan

We’re returning to our journey through the Moon maria in Sea of Knowledge. A series of beers that aim to bring you the full NEIPA experience packed into a smaller ABV. Starting by adding chlorides to our mash, loading the grist full of Naked Oats, Flaked Oats, Wheat and Extra Pale Malt and going nice and low on the bittering hops. This is a smooth and slightly sweet body ready to bear the load of a big dose of hops. Spectrum extract Citra, Citra T90 and Australian Enigma sing together in a wonderful harmony of drippy mango, sweet lychee, freshly squeezed OJ, aromatic lime, soft pear and juicy blueberry!

✨ Both available from the web shop, bottle shops and bars from Wednesday 12th January at 12pm! ✨