Did you see? We’ve commissioned the Springwell brewhouse!

We cooked 6000 litres of Sputnik wort as a little test and it all went swimmingly! – it was incredible to see the kit in action for the first time! – malt extracted from the silo, oats and wheat added into our miller terminals, rake turning to give it a good mix and save Josh and Seb some valuable energy when it came to emptying the mash tun!

It’s not just the brew kit that’s having its firsts, the tap is beginning to take its final form! The actual taps are in place, the cold store is insulated and clad and we’ve had the tables out just for a little preview of whats it’s going to be like.

The windows are doing a great job of bringing in those beautiful golden rays from our friend, the sun, and casting some beautiful 10° lines on the brickwork.

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