Our collab with The Queer Brewing Project is a sessionable summer-y sour fruited with raspberry and passionfruit. We’ve gone a little lighter on the fruit and the abv than in our TFG series, resulting in a vegan sour that’s the perfect drop for a summer barbecue. Expect sharp raspberry on the nose, finishing in a jammy tartness, with the passionfruit adding a rounded sweetness to the flavour.

50% of the profits from this beer will be used to support the establishment of the Queer Brewing Foundation, which will provide beer and occasionally cider ‘scholarships’ for LGBTQ+ people. The foundation will also work to create open-source resources for bars, breweries, venues, etc for LGBTQ+ staff and customers.

Queer Brewing are also developing a code of conduct for those with whom they work, extending the impact of the collaboration beyond a one-time beer release. Whilst this foundation is still a work in progress we feel incredibly lucky to support Queer Brewing in their work, and cannot wait to see how it develops.

On sale from Wednesday 4th August from 12pm, via our web shop!

North Beer Club members have early access to this beer, from Tuesday 3rd August!

This beer has also been selected to be part of Beer Hawk’s Yorkshire Discovery Box to celebrate Yorkshire Day!