Springwell goes green with Planet-U Energy partnership

Our new Springwell headquarters has been given a green energy transformation thanks to a new partnership with renewable energy company Planet-U Energy.

The move to Springwell will see our capacity double as we open a new 500-person taproom, in a move that will co-locate our bar and brewery headquarters under one roof.

The new 21,000 sq ft site will also see our brewing output increase to 16,000 hectolitres (for perspective, that’s 2.8 million pints a year!)

Environmental considerations are a huge part of business for North Brewing Co. The development of Springwell provided the perfect opportunity for us to explore how we could make operations more sustainable and better for the planet.

Planet-U Energy provided us with a range of our sustainable technology service options, including renewable energy procurement, electric vehicle (EV) Charging and Solar PV installations to improve Springwell’s energy efficiency and lower its carbon use.

The new solar panels installed on Springwell’s roof space, will generate an estimated 36,700 KW annually. This equates to an average annual saving of around £6,653 per year or a ROI of less than 5 years.  

Our new 22kW EV rapid charger will also charge our two electric delivery vans on-site in around one to two hours.

During the 25-year lifespan of the renewable technology, it is estimated it will generate total savings of more than £160,000 compared to traditional energy sources.

These solutions form part of a wider sustainability strategy at Springwell, with other initiatives we are implementing including: 

  • sustainable sourcing of merchandise and workwear
  • new operating procedures placing recycling at the heart of the brewery’s operations 
  • encouraging green modes of transport through the firm’s cycle to work scheme. 

Discussing the new sustainability initiatives, Sarah Hardy, our marketing manager, said:

“At Springwell, we’ve been making a conscious effort to focus on sustainability and taking steps to reduce our environmental impact as part of our strategy. 

“The brewing industry can get quite bad press for its carbon output, with the large machines that use a lot of power, single-use packaging, and all the energy is required to keep operations running.  

“We’ve been taking steps to reduce our impact because we know as an industry we still need to do better. However, we’re starting to see a change in attitudes towards sustainability and it is inspiring to see how many breweries have been putting it at the heart of their business, just like us.

“We are keen to collaborate with like-minded businesses and have been working with sustainable merchandise suppliers and other breweries and manufacturers with the same values. It’s great to see the change in mindset in the beer industry and we’re excited to see how this will shape the industry’s future.” -Sarah Hardy, Marketing Manager    

If you are a brewery looking to make the transition to green energy, discuss your requirements with Planet-U today, by getting in touch at: