North Brewing Co X In Good Company X Morag Myerscough – Session IPA 4.8%

We’ve teamed up with In Good Company, a Leeds based art project, to say thank you to our essential workers.

1st April 2020 on a quiet corner in Hyde Park Leeds, In Good Company launched a muti-coloured Thank You for our Frontline Workers. Together with Morag Myerscough, FYI and Studio Build they turned the project around in just 72 hours, little did they know that this act of bringing colour, joy and art to an empty, grey street of Leeds would spark a nationwide campaign.

The first billboards at Hyde Park Corner in Leeds

20th April 2020: 6 more artists were added to the roster with Morag Myerscough – Rebecca Strickson, Anthony Burrill, Craig Black, Luke Tonge, Studio. 450 posters went out – 150 poster sites in Leeds were taken over and a collaboration between Pop Art Group, FYI and Leeds City Council was established and #PostersForThePeople was launched.

The beer in front of Rebecca Strickson’s illustration

After seeing the billboards in Leeds, we got in touch to order banners for the windows of our bars and taprooms. The conversation quickly escalated over the next few days and by the end of the week we had offered to brew a beer to support the project.

We had worked with Laura (the magical brain behind In Good Company) before: Her event space in Leeds, Sheaf Street Cafeteria, was home to the brewery’s first permanent tap and our core range Kolsch style lager is named ‘Herzog’ – German for ‘Duke’ – in honour of Duke’s Studios – Laura’s normal day job pre CV19.

James Ockleford, of Refold Studio, provided a template with a space for Morag’s mural to take over the whole can. We decided on a beer style – Session IPA – that would be that perfect post shift beer. The beer is easy drinking and refreshing with tropical fruit flavours and that signature North haze, perfect!

50% of the profits from every beer sold will be split between Mind and The Blurt Foundation.

This beer is an easy drinking Session IPA brewed using some of North Brewing Co’s favourite hops. El Dorado and Citra combine with Kveik yeast to produce tropical, fruity notes with the punchier Topaz and Cascade providing a light bitterness. A dry finish makes this beer super easy to drink: This one may be low in ABV but packs a flavourful punch, the perfect sunshine beer.

Delivering the beers to the Covid ward here in Leeds alongside pizza from Culto to say thank you to our keyworkers.