We’ve been noticing some dodgy facial hair appearing at the brewery this week… It is, of course, Movember.

We take Mental Health seriously at North Brewing Co. The industry that we are in can be a tricky space in which to look after your Mental Health: Physical work and ready access to cold beers doesn’t always encourage us to take enough time for ourselves. When the guys at the brewery called to arms their razors, got chopping for Movember and told us they wanted to open up on a public platform, we could only support them.

As we begin a second national lockdown, with shorter and darker days plus the added stress of having to do it all again, the brewery team wanted to do something to lighten the mood a little, whilst also trying to make a difference.

Throughout the month the team will be sharing their stories and experiences with you. They’ll be talking about why Movember and men’s Mental Health is important to them, self-care and sharing helpful resources for you to use or share with people you know.

Tap this link to donate and learn more. All money donated will go to the Movember charity fund.

Movember is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health on a global scale, focusing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Your donation will help to continue what they have started and fund world-class programmes that are saving and improving the lives of men.