This month some of the guys in the brewery are baring some dodgy facial hair and sharing experiences and resources in order to inform readers and raise money for Movember.

Today we’re talking to Trent. Trent is a part of the packaging team alongside being on the mental health team. Easily recognised by the Canadianness of his “Yes c’monn!” bellow or his Pinata themed bicycle. With a thing for growing moustaches and mental health, selling Trent on shaving for Movember was an easy task.

If when you’ve finished reading this you wish to donate, you can follow this link and get involved.

Why have you jumped into November this year?

This month is my first anniversary of being in the UK! I’ve been wildly lucky to be adopted and surrounded by such a cast of characters during all this (moving time-zones away from friends, 2020, a new field of work), so it was easy to jump into a collective effort that highlights my appreciation and the importance being there for each other and having genuine chats about how we’re holding up and feeling.

What does your self-care look like?

Wild camping, biking, sewing, journaling, reading, coffee outdoors and socially distanced time with friends. These change with time and it’s all about doing what works for me at the moment.

Any books, films, websites or resources that you’d like to shout out?

Spectrums: autistic transgender people in their own words from The Bookish Type is what I have on the go now and am loving it. It’s been really eye-opening to hear so many tellings of ways people can feel in their bodies that I was unaware of/couldn’t imagine feeling myself. It’s just a nice reminder of how differently people experience things and the hidden obstacles of feeling comfortable.

A final word from Trent:

Need to chat with a mate? Please do it. Check-in with a Dr? Please do it. A walk, hug, ride, coffee? Yes! Do it. Check in on a mate? Do it. Cut a grumpy person some slack? Just do it. 2020 has been weird enough, let’s get through it together and share the load.