Today we’re continuing our conversations with the brewery staff who are raising money for @movember. Throughout the month they’re sharing their experiences with mental health, resources they find helpful and telling us why they’re taking part in Movember. Today we’re talking to Pete.

If when you finish reading this you wish to donate, you can follow this link.

Why have you jumped into Movember this year?

To help bring more awareness to men’s physical and mental health, attitudes and well-being. The statistics that are out there make for shocking reading and if any help can be given no matter how little to bring positive change to men’s health then that can only be a good thing right? We’ve got a great team at North Brew Co who look out for one another. The opportunity to help shine some more light on the subject and raise a bit of cash along the way is a no-brainer.

What’s your self-care activity of choice?

I like to get out into our glorious countryside and just take some time away from everything to appreciate what we have around us. Generally, a good walk does the trick for me, often by or near water as that brings me ultimate calm and appreciation. Fresh air and exercise isn’t banned or bad for you so get out there!

Why is mental health important to you?

It’s just so important we acknowledge it and be open and honest as we can. For years I was your typical stiff upper lip, bottle it up sort of guy. Struggling with my own mental health came to a head some years ago which finally gave me the courage to go talk to someone via a bit of CBT which helped massively. Also family and friends who might not be getting that hug they could do with is super important to me to know they’re doing ok. Talking about mental health is key so let’s do that.

Do you have any books, films, websites or resources that you’d like to shout out?

I firmly believe music is therapy and not just appreciation. It’s a personal choice what we listen to but no matter which genre/artist/album we choose, find the time to do nothing other than sticking on those headphones and getting lost in it for a bit with no other distractions.

A final word from Pete:

Just talk to someone if you’re struggling. There’s no shame, no judgment and let’s face it, it’s tough-going right now. Look out for others, reach out that socially distanced hand and make a difference to someone who might very well be in need of it if you’re able to. At North we have a mental health team of wonderful individuals who are there if we feel the need to chat and that is very comforting especially in these current times.