Hi folks! As you may know by now, a few of the guys at the brewing are boasting some great moustaches to raise money for Movember. In the spirit of Movember they’ve been sharing their reasons for taking part and their experiences with their mental health. This week its Jonny!
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Why have you jumped into Movember this year?

This year it’s been more crucial than ever to look out for each other during extended periods of social isolation. More recently we’ve had to deal with dark evenings, reduced social interaction and mass-spread uncertainty – the ultimate recipe for feelings of isolation and anxiety for all of us to differing extents. As such, it felt appropriate to take the opportunity to highlight the need for us all to look out for those around us as we entered a second full nationwide lockdown.

What’s your self-care activity of choice?

For me, it’s always got to be walking or beer, sometimes both! There’s nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors and rewarding yourself with a beer in a beautiful part of the world. Generally, I find great solace in a good beer. Alongside a good friend, I enjoy writing about beer and the moments it offers to let go of the trivial things in life. People exercise various forms of mindfulness, some better for our bodies than others, but for me, nothing lends perspective like logging out of my phone and just enjoying a quality beer.

Why is mental health important to you?

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate in having a fantastic circle of supportive friends who know me well. I’ve gradually learnt through my 20s to be a lot more open and discuss when I’m having a tougher time. These friends have zero judgement and encourage positive behaviours that help assuage any feelings of doubt and anxiety.

A final word from Jonny:

No one needs to suffer alone in silence, so surround yourself as much as possible with good people. It’s easier said than done, but open up and talk. From a support perspective, have a little patience with each other, ask your friends how they are and listen…