Most people open a brewery and then open a taproom or bar. We did things the other way around, and over a slightly longer period of time than most! We opened North Bar in Leeds in 1997 when the term ‘craft beer’ didn’t exist. And then 18 years later North Brewing Co was born.

As the UK is on lock-down our family of bars around Leeds are closed indefinitely. We have put together a voucher scheme to help support the bars through this period from the safety of your own home.

It’s a simple scheme – you buy a voucher now and we top it up with 33% extra credit. The vouchers are then valid on North Brewing Co products (draught and cans) after things get back to normal.

£10 = £13.50 credit
£20 = £27 credit
£30 = £40 credit
£50 = £66 credit
£100 = £133 credit

To buy the vouchers please click here

All Ts + Cs available on via the voucher link above.

Thank you so much for your support so far xxx