At the end of 2019 our collab with Other Half was awarded ‘Beer of the Year’ in the Crafty Awards run by Premier Hop and Triple Hopped Podcast. To celebrate we invited them to Leeds to record an episode of the podcast, share some beers, and brew a beer together.

The bottle share escalated a little and the podcast ended up being a two part special! Search ‘triple hoppped’ on spotify to listen.

And as for the beer…?

Brace yourselves, Triple IPA incoming! It was a unanimous decision from each party to go big in this three way collaboration. This beer features a double mash with the second consisting of wort from the first mash, plenty of oats and wheat and also a high finishing gravity for an ultimately thick body. It has just enough sweetness to carry a hefty dry hop of the famed Australian hop; Galaxy and usual suspects; US Citra + Mosaic.

In short: A 10% absolute super squishy of pure juice.

[Edit: this beer sold out in a record 2 minutes on our webshop. We sold 10% through our webshop and 90% to trade so it will still be popping up on menus around the UK and Europe].