Brewed with UK craft beer legends and good friends of ours, Thornbridge, we present to you a lustrous Doppelbock.
We and Thornbridges’ brewers Dom & Rob share a love for german beer, especially the classics. Ayinger produce one of those favourites, ‘Celebrator’ and in this collaboration we raise a glass to that beer.
Brewed at the end of last year, the Doppelbock has been in hibernation, lagering in the tank over winter. Full bodied, dark, sweet and hosting a whole plethora of flavours! Rich malt, roasted coffee and chocolate raisins with touch of toasted breadiness all sing together harmoniously and are backed up with a baritone of warming alcohol content.

This collab will be available from North Brewing Co City Tap, on Sovereign Street, from 5pm on Friday 31st January – hitting the taps and filling the fridges with cans!

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