On sale Wednesday 11th November at 12pm, via our web shop!

We’re super excited for this week’s fresh drop!

Last year we brewed a NZ IPA with our friends from New Zealand, Parrotdog Brewery. They brought with them in their suitcases 20kg of a new experimental hop called HORT 4337. We all felt a little like the Pablo Escobars of the brewing world! We threw the hops into the tank and ended up producing a beer that gained a lot of love at the brewery.

Fast forward to a year later and HORT 4337 has been legalised, given the name Nectaron, and we’ve got loads of it! We reached out to Parrotdog to see if they would be up for revisiting the recipe and making some changes. Sure enough, they said yes!

We’ve doubled down on the original brew to bring you an NZ DIPA! 8% ABV and featuring a big dose of Nectaron, bringing rich and intense passion fruit and peach flavour, and a luscious dank aroma. Citra and El Dorado back the beer up with smooth fleshy pear, succulent pineapple and even more juicy nectarine!