At the start of October we welcomed Matt Orlando to our brewery, from Broaden & Build.

Together we cooked up a full bodied stout using Cocoa and Porcini, with a light touch of smoked malt. Sounds crazy, but the flavours that these guys like to experiment with are amazing!

Broaden & Build is about discovering new flavours through a symbiotic combination of ingredients and techniques of both brewing and cooking, blurring the lines of each in search of something which is greater than the sum of its parts. The aim of our collab was to recreate one of Matt’s desserts from his kitchen at Amass Restaurant. A rich and well rounded stout with earthy tones, full umami and a sweet finish.

First pour will be at the Brewery Tap from 4pm on Friday 25th October. Cans are priced for takeaway, with a £2 ‘drink in’ corkage.

🚐 Out and about for deliveries to your favourite bars and bottle shops from Monday. 🚐

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