On sale Wednesday 14th April at 12pm, via our web shop!

A beer for the gods? Maybe. A beer for Beer Tag, our distributors over in Bulgaria, definitely. We’re releasing a miniscule amount of this beer exclusively to our webshop with a 4 cans per person limit, the only other place it’s going to be available is Bulgaria and that’s a very long way to travel for a beer.

That being said, this DDH IPA is making a full frontal attack on our mouths and might actually be worth traveling to Bulgaria to get your hands on. Our house IPA malt grist loaded with a few more oats to take the heaps of Citra, El Dorado and Simcoe we piled into the FV.

Dripping with sticky passion fruit, soft fleshy papaya, fizzy mango and succulent guava! It is absolutely singing in the tropical fruit department!