Our first DIPA of 2021! We teamed up with our friends at AF Brew in St Petersburg for a virtual collab. We’ve called this one a SOCMOD DIPA… but what does SOCMOD mean? 

After discussing the beer recipe and other details on WhatsApp we started chatting about the name and can design. We recalled 1984 by George Orwell with their ‘newspeak’ language and ‘INGSOC’ (English Socialism) ideology. In the early years of the Soviet totalitarian history there was a huge trend for acronyms and abbreviations, in order to shorten the communication and to keep it confidential for strangers and ‘spies’.

Every institution incl. Science, Military, Schools and Universities had an awkward acronym, some of them resembled till 1990-s, some of them now look like historical atavism. SOCMOD is ‘newspeak’ for Social Modernism, the style of architecture of which the Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics is designed. The building is referenced in the label designed by Refold.

It’s a pretty cool looking building. If you’re into it follow @socmod on Instagram!

We first met AF Brew at Borefts Beer Celebration in The Netherlands. They then invited us to head to their festival, Lobotomy Day, in St Petersburg. While we haven’t been able to meet up in person for a while (thanks Covid) we have kept in touch via WhatsApp, and brewed a virtual collab together.

When it came to the beer style we quickly decided on a DIPA. Best ale malt, wheat and oats make up a velvety smooth malt base for us to load in a heaps of hops in this boisterous DIPA. Galaxy, Citra and Nelson Sauvin shine with punchy dank and fresh cut honey melon aroma whilst bursting with tart gooseberry, juicy blueberry and bright, zesty grapefruit!

Available to drink in or take away from our Springwell Taproom on Friday from 5pm!