Since opening the brewery in 2015 we have been driven by an unwavering commitment to brewing big, bold beers. We love seeing our beers in the hands of people who’ve never drunk a hoppy IPA before, and watching lifelong industrial lager drinkers trying their first Triple Fruited Gose!

As the modern beer scene thrives, national retailers are starting to catch on. This has meant that we’re being approached with more and more exciting opportunities to explore different avenues to give as many people as possible the chance to try our beer. There are still loads of places in the UK where people struggle to get their hands on our beers – and working with a larger retailer helps us to tackle this.

Six months ago we were approached by Tesco who are dramatically increasing their craft beer range. They asked us to brew a 440ml special exclusively for their stores.

When first approached we had a couple of fundamental things that we could not compromise on: the taste of the beer, and the design of the can. We did not want to produce a beer that did not taste like a North beer, and we did not want to package it in a can that did not look like a North can. Dom and Alessandra at Tesco were incredibly receptive to this.


Who would have thought two years ago that an uncompromising DDH IPA in a minimal, brutalist, design led can would be on the shelves in a major UK supermarket?

Lost Cosmonauts is a hazy, hoppy IPA that epitomises everything that we love about beer. It’s hopped with Mosaic and Equanot, and has piney aromas, tropical, stone fruit flavours and is very drinkable!

Lost Cosmonauts will be available alongside our Mango and Guava Pale Ale, Pinata, in a very limited 125 Tesco stores from 1st April.

We can’t wait for more people to get a chance to try North Brewing Co beers, and are really excited to try some of the other beers in Tesco’s range, brewed by favourites such as Magic Rock, Five Points and Thornbridge.