Introducing Dream State!

☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️
Ahead of our birthday on Saturday, we’re giving you (and ourselves) an early birthday present! 🎁💃 It’s called Dream State and it’s a 9.5% stout brewed using 8 different types of malt, a touch of Madagascan Cinnamon, Figs and Roasted Almonds.

The result is a super smooth, thick and round stout with bright complex berry flavours, gentle spice, an upfront deep nutty flavour and all round warmth and happiness in a glass, perfectly paired with the season.

We’re absolutely stoked for this beer and we cannot wait for you to taste it!

Available fresh from the brewery on Friday from 4pm, Leeds City Tap on Saturday and hitting the world Monday onwards!

Do you need this beer in your shop, pub or bar? Yeah you do! Get in touch with Fay and Laura quick! Once this one is gone, it’s gone! 🥫💨