#NB20 / Hops Not Hate / Dry & Bitter Collab

We recently brewed a beer with all round decent chap, Soren from Denmark’s Dry & Bitter. This was brewed in association with North Bar’s 20th birthday celebrations and is part of the HopsNotHate phenomenon. North Bar are aiming to raise £20k for a St Gemma’s Hospice (based in the city) and this is our way of helping them!

Please feel free to donate here too

NB 20 (1) IMG_1468


  • When a Hops Not Hate beer is brewed, THE BREWERY donates 50% of it’s net profits of that particular beer to two charities of their choice – one local and one global.
  • THE DISTRIBUTOR/importer (if one is used) buys the beer and sells it on to retailers and follows the same principle of charity – donating to two charities of their choice, just like the brewery.
  • THE RETAILER follows the same pattern and hence the beer generates local and global charity at every step throughout the entire supply chain.
  • This way, THE CONSUMER supports various charities simply by purchasing a Hops Not Hate beer. Charity made easy.

For more info please have a look here