Hey everyone! How’s it going? Nice weekend catching up with some friends? Maybe you’ve done absolutely nothing! Blissful!

Today we’re meeting Will! He joined North a few months ago when our canning line cranked up its output during lockdown. He’s been learning the ways of our canning line since!Say hey to Will everyone!

How did you come to work for North?

I’d been within the industry for over a decade, but I’d never worked in a brewery – it had always been a dream job of mine. At my previous employment I got told I’d be made redundant within 6 months. 1 month later the whole country went into lock down. I applied for any and every job I could! Two weeks before I was due to lose my job I applied for the packaging position at North, came for a trial shift and was offered the job a week later! Change of jobs happened within a couple of weeks and I started a job I’d dreamed of!

What was your first memorable beer expierience?

I was brought up on Tetley’s and Timothy Taylors Landlord. My eyes were truly opened the first time I visited Beer Ritz Leeds (will be missed beyond words) This was even back before the explosion of US craft beers, back before Brewdog – it was and always would be an Aladdin’s cave of beers from across the globe. I have a passion for collections, and as a lover of beer, entering a shop with over 500 different beers I just had to try them all!

What have you been listening to at work?

My friends would say my music tastes are heavily metal influenced, and they’d mostly be right. My favourite bands are Metallica and Aerosmith, but I’ll literally listen to anything! Backstreet Boys – fine! Dragon Force – cool! Meat Loaf – why not! As long as it has a beat and I don’t have to listen to radio 2 for 10hr shifts every day that’s great!

Where is your favourite spot for a drink?

I’m a Leeds lad, born and raised.. there’s too many pubs and bars in the city that I could call a favourite, but if I had to it would be Arcadia Leeds in Headingley. We have found ourselves in some strange times this year however, so I do a lot of my drinking in front of my gaming PC at home at the moment, hopefully we can go back to normal soon..