Hello! Welcome back to our weekend team introduction section! This time we’re meeting Pete! 👋

Pete looks after logistics and the warehouse team. He makes sure our beer is stored safely and is delivered in tip top condition and on time for our local, national and international customers! Laid back, a true music enthusiast (as you’ll soon find out) and , if you see him out in the wild, partial to a big big stout. 😉

How did you come to work for north?

-I had been working at the same place for over a decade and started to feel the need for a change. I’d got into beer in a big way, a role at North Brew Co came up, I went for It, and I got it! Now nearly 3 years in and it’s still one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made.

What was your first memorable beer experience?

-Well if we’re talking post generic bitter and lager intake, I guess ‘finding’ Guiness while following a band on tour in Ireland might sound a bit cheesy and obvious but it was definitely a small game-changer at the time for me. Upon a move back to Leeds some years later, one of my first introductions to ‘proper’ beer was discovering Odell Brewing ‘s IPA while at a gig at The Brudenell Social Club .

What have you been listening to at work?

-Oh my god where do I start!!!?  After the vital ingredients of hops, malt, water and yeast comes music! In the warehouse it’s BBC 6 Music as a default setting. But then on any given day you could be picking up some beer from us and hear pretty much anything from The Chemical Brothers , to Dusty Springfield , to a recent piece of oddness I’ve discovered in my continuing quest for new music. (Check out Leeds’ very own ‘Yard Act’  as a fine example.)

Where is your favourite place for a drink?

-Well, it’s got to be relaxed and chilled, serve the finest range of beers, have a great jukebox or behind the bar set up, and cater for everyone in terms of being a safe, inclusive, accessible space. North Bars aside, I love a good old traditional pub, although the beer isn’t necessarily going to tick the boxes of a quality city bar. That said, anyone asking me to go the Kirkstall Bridge will definitely get an ‘ok, what time can you be there?’ kind of response