Hey hey! What a week eh? Time to put your feet up and rest! It’s a classic Sunday meet the team post, today we’re meeting Los, our canning and packaging expert!

How did you come to work for North?

I have been working in Engineering and living in the same part of Somerset for the best part of 20 years and was looking for a change of direction. I have friends here already and wanted to see what things were like living in a city and in the North. I think moving over 200 miles is the shake up I was looking for!

What was your first memorable beer experience?

Will always remember the stubby bottles of European lager at Christmas time when I was younger!
What have you been listening to lately?

Black Sabbath , Clutch and Cancer Bats have been in constant rotation for a little while now! I’ve alway found it hard to broaden my music taste…

Where is your fave spot for a drink?

Has to be at a Motorbike/hot rod show surrounded by like minded people and friends from Holland! Sunshine, Bikes, beers and good company!! A recipe for good times 🤙

That’s a lil’ bit about Los! Enjoy the rest of your day everyone! x