It’s been a while since we’ve met a team member hasn’t it? We’ve got lots of new faces here at the brewery so there’s a lot of new people to meet! Say hello to Josh everyone! If you’ve ever been down to the tap at Springwell and have been served by Josh, you’ll know what an absolute joyful experience it is. He’s a proper good egg! Without further ado, let’s meet him!

How did you come to work for North?

I’d been wanting to work for North for a while. I kept an eye out for years for a chance to work at one of the smaller sites but eventually got the opportunity with the callout for the Tap Room. I couldn’t effectively explain how much I wanted the job so I decided to go and draw Further North and submit that, which is what I did, so here I am!

What was your first memorable beer experience?

I started to dabble in more traditional ales when I lived in Cambridge where there’s an abundance of that stuff but I didn’t love it. When I moved to Leeds though, a friend and I went for drinks at Assembly Underground. He introduced me to imperial stout which blew my mind – and from then I wanted to try everything. Even now I don’t think I have a preference – I just want to try it all.

What have you been listening to recently?

I listen to a lot of punk / post punk from the likes of Pil, The Fall and Wire. I love early unintentionally punk music too – I was recently put onto a guy called Hasil Adkins who was a one-man band in the 60s who I’ve been obsessed with since. I can’t explain how incredibly terrible he is so you just have a listen. My friends are sick of hearing about it though so I’ll leave it at that.

Where is your favourite spot for a drink?

I really love the old pubs back home in Hull. There are a few great ones but The Olde White Harte is my favourite. It’s got such an incredible history. But also my friend and I have got into the habit of having a drink at the statue of Queen Vic Statue in Hyde Park. I hope that doesn’t sound too antisocial / royalist…

That’s Josh everyone! Told you he was a good egg!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay safe, look after each other and don’t go too wild tonight WHEN IT COMES HOME!