Meet Fay!

HEY HEY! Fancy meeting another member of our team? This week the spotlight is on Fay! Fay is OG North, she started with the company just over 5 years ago, starting at Alfred Bar, then when the brewery opened she grabbed the sales reigns. She’s been here ever since doing an absolutely amazing job! Chances are, if you are a trade customer and have bought beer from us, Fay helped you out! She can also be spotted every now and again at an event representing the brewery!

How did you come to work for north?

– I was managing a restaurant in town and saw the advert at Alfred for a General Manager, I lived 5 minutes away so was pretty convenient for me and I had heaps of fun there. When the brewery opened up I came and worked here, it was very different from everything I’d done before and the job evolved quickly as the brewery grew. Every time we increase capacity it’s terrifying but also super exciting! I’ve been with North over 5 years now. Crazy.

What has been your favourite North beer?

-You know what, I love a Sputnik. I used to drink it at Alfred Bar when there weren’t many other North beers around (how things have changed)!! It’s such a great go to beer if you don’t want something that’ll knock your socks off (like Jamie) and it’s accessible for everyone.

What was your first memorable beer experience?

-Funnily enough I don’t remember lots of my beer experiences BUT I do remember trying Duchesse de Bourgogne for the first time and it blew my mind. How can a beer taste like that?!

Where is your favourite place for a drink?

-Blimey, so on a beach by the sea is probably up there. I went to Sardinia recently and they have a local beer called Ichnusa. They make a delicious radler which means it’s acceptable to drink at anytime, like 9AM… Also in a country pub after a long walk, those beers always feel well earnt.