Hi everybody! It’s another Sunday which means another staff introduction! Today we’re meeting Alex! Alex is our Brand Ambassador! A former bartender for North, a former brewer at North and now our resident photographer and social media manager. Before Covid-19 reared its ugly head you might have seen Alex on the road spreading the good word of North!

How did you come to work for North?

I started working for North back in 2013 at Cross Keys Leeds. I was volunteering in breweries in Leeds and Manchester, when I heard North were opening a brewery I basically started constantly bugging John Christian and Seb to let me work in there until they eventually let me. I started cleaning casks and working at the brewery tap room. I eventually graduated to the brew kit and learnt the ways of the wort production and cellaring. After a couple of years, I found my true passion wasn’t in making beer, but in talking about beer, drinking beer, talking about North, taking nice pictures and assisting in our marketing!

What was your first memorable beer experience?

Probably what started me getting into beer was visiting a string of Samual Smiths pubs in London with my dad and brother when I turned 18. It was really exciting to see these beautiful old style pubs, all this ornate furniture and polished brass, great pints that I still love and hearing stories about the Old Brewery in Tadcaster and wild stories about Humphry Smith.

What have you been listening to recently?

A couple of artists are on a heavy rotation right now, Azealia Banks and Jamie xx curated playlist are good for some upbeat music to work too. I’ve been playing Beastie Boys : Hello Nasty a lot because for some reason it registers as a Christmas album in my head?

Where’s your favourite spot for a drink?

Brussels. Somewhere, almost anywhere in Brussels or Belgium… Poechenellekelder is standout. It’s cosy and weird, it has a puppet theatre in the attic called ‘Théâtre Royal de Toone’, there are puppets everywhere that look haunted. I saw The Passion of Christ played out in French, I had a vague idea what was going but it was an experience I would gladly return to. 10/10 would recommend.