Back in 2016 we had the pleasure of brewing a collaboration with Lervig. Together we brewed North’s first Kettle Sour (3.2%), learning much and being the first collaboration for our brewery.

So we invited them back during Leeds International Beer Festival, to come and brew a Triple Fruited Gose, with blueberry and lingonberry. Oh yes, TFG will be coming back people and we’re excited about the combination of these fruits – dark and delicious!

Freddie and Vegard headed down on Friday morning, and we started off the day with a much needed coffee – the only way to start the day during a festival! The lovely Sam led the way with this brew, getting everything prepped and ready. As with all our TFG recipes, there will be a lot of blueberry and lingonberry heading into the tanks to really ramp up the flavour.

This Triple Fruited Gose will be released on Friday 27th September at our brewery tap before heading out to our favourite bars, bottle shops and distributors from Monday 30th September.