To round off an amazing year we had four different beer festivals for a final weekend hurrah!
Our Brand Ambassador Alex headed out to Finland for Kippis International Beer Festival!
Many thanks to Jaana and the team at Uniq for looking after us all and making sure we were all in the right place at the right time! Your hospitality was second to none! Thank you 🙌
Many thanks to the chaps at Gallows Bird for hosting a tap takeover with ourselves and our friends at Kirkstall Brewery. They even had Five Points Best on cask, which was a real treat!

Alex’s stand out beers of the festival included the fig and apple cider from Petritegi in the Basque country. And yes, Alex knows it’s not a beer as such, but it was absolutely amazing. Vault City‘s Strawberry Skies and Brewski’s Strawberry Pie were also tasty.
Big shout out to Matty from Kirkstall Brewery, Kevin from Vibrant Forest, Edgar from Puhaste Brewery and Joe from Marble for keeping the energy pumping the whole weekend!

Until next time Finland!