Today we’re meeting Jonny, our operations manager and professional Lip Sync-er!

How did you come to work for North?

Interesting question, thanks for asking. Working previously in Logistics for a Kidney Care Company, a good friend and fellow beer enthusiast sent through North’s Insta advert saying he thought the role was made for me. I initially thought the idea of working in Craft Beer sounded too good to be true, but as I read further into it it dawned upon me how much of a dream job it would be and how exciting it would be to work for a company with North’s reputation. I applied, came up for an interview, got giddy and tried/failed to hide the inner fanboy, and was offered the job. After a pandemic-induced delay, I eventually walked through the door at North last Summer and haven’t looked back since as we’ve worked our way through the pandemic and the massively exciting Springwell – North Brewing Co project!

What was your first memorable beer experience?

There have been a few memorable beers along my journey of discovery. It’s hard to beat a luke-warm tin of Old Speckled Hen on a camping trip. It’s rich, yet brilliantly distinctive. But the first time I really thought ‘phwoarr, that’s a bit special’, was when I tucked into a Goblet of La Trappe Trappist Quadrupel. Perhaps my Dutch roots play a part, but big lowland beers are always something I look forward to tucking into when Winter arrives!

What have you been listening to lately?

Céline Dion, non-stop. It has a timeless quality which I find is often underappreciated.

Where is your fave spot for a drink?

It’s impossible to beat a beer with friends in the great outdoors or overlooking the Sea. But going back a few years to my student days, one of my happiest spots for a drink would have to be in the back room at Shakespeare Tavern in the centre of Durham. A pint of Caledonian Brewing Co. Deuchars is always accompanied by mischief and happy memories.