Introducing Vespertine and Piñata

After a hectic, albeit exciting nine months of brewing down at the tap, we’re over the moon that our core range is taking shape and establishing itself within the craft beer scene in Leeds and afar. As well as these five core beers (Prototype, Sputnik, Herzog, Transmission & Full Fathom 5) we’ve brewed many collaborations of which we’re extremely proud, with the likes of Port Street Beer House, BrewDog, Drygate and Lervig.

Nearing the end of summer, we figured we’d brew a couple of beers that taste like sunshine in a glass, welcome Vespertine and Piñata!

Vespertine [3.2%] is a ruby red sour beer flavoured with whole hibiscus flowers, elderberries and raspberry. The light sourness is balanced by a touch of malt sweetness. Hibiscus gives the beer its red colour and adds a little tannin for dryness. The raspberry and elderberry add extra complexity and a hit of summer fruit. A refreshing easy to drink sour with wide appeal.

To brew Piñata [4.5%] we used four different tropical fruits to pair with plenty of new world hops. Mandarin and grapefruit peel were used in the kettle and Guava and Mango added after fermentation. The beer is dry and easy drinking with a soft tropical aromas.