Introducing Ute – a 7% WYIPA*

*West Yorkshire IPA

Ute is a new collaboration between North Brewing Co, esteemed design agency Studio.Build, furniture maker Plaey Workshop, and designer James Ockleford from Refold which challenges the boundaries of how beer, art and music interplay with their natural surroundings.

Ilkley photographed by Joanne Crawford

The new beer, Ute – taken from the Norwegian phrase ‘Utepils’ [to enjoy a beer outdoors] – is the second collaboration that we have worked on with Plaey Workshop. In November 2018 we opened our first city centre taproom on Sovereign Street which was designed in conjunction with Plaey, and features his signature ply wood furniture. Through this project the idea of creating a beer came about.

It’s taken us a little while to get there, and the project has grown significantly since those early discussions, resulting in an ambitious project involving a wider team of local creatives to give customers an immersive experience through a series of visuals, sound and taste.

The starting point for the beer was to create something with a little more personality than what was already out there. We wanted to look at the interplay between colour and taste, and how these could link back to the birch plywood used in Plaey’s Workshop.

This lead to us taking cues from West Yorkshire forests, with everything from the packaging, promotional materials and the beer itself being inspired by the outdoors.

Michael C. Place from Studio.Build created the can design; based around the idea of sunlight peeking through leaves in the forest through a series of four layered can designs.

Alongside this Studio.Build have also designed a series of promotional posters using photographs captured by Yorkshire based photographer, Joanne Crawford. Each image captures a different location in West Yorkshire – with each individual place meaning something to each of the contributors.



Ilkley photographed by Joanne Crawford

Since opening North Bar in 1997 we have celebrated the interplay between beer, art and music. When James from Refold suggested commissioning a 7″ vinyl record to accompany the project we felt that this was a natural fit for us.

The record has been created by sound recordist Ethan Montgomery and singer/songwriter Declining Winter (Richard Adams). The A side features field recordings from the forests and the brewery, whilst the B side features a new song by Declining Winter, written specifically for the project.

Ute will launch:

All Good Beer, Hackney Downs, Friday 30th August

Hand Beer Bar, Falmouth, Friday 30th August

Colours May Vary, Leeds, Saturday 31st August

Kwas, Huddersfield, Sunday 1st September

North Bar family of bars, from Monday 2nd September

Vessel Beer Shop in Plymouth on Friday 6th September

Alongside the beer, the records and a limited run of A3 posters will also be on sale at each event – which will also be followed by an online web shop.

Thank you to Studio.Build, Plaey Workshop and Refold for coming together on such an exciting project. Thank you to Team Impression for sponsoring the printed materials for this project.