IPA // 7% // VEGAN

Fresh in the webshop this week is Into the Merzbau. This IPA has been the can of choice after long shifts on the canning line – the brewery whatsapp group has been a blaze singing its praises!

Step into a warped dimension of senses. Like Kurt Schwitters’s installation, this beer offers new perspective on IPA. 

With thanks to Yakima Chief Hops, we present to you ‘Into The Merzbau’. A single hop IPA showcasing a new hop strain developed by The Hop Breeding Company located on Yakima Chief Ranches. 

HBC 692 (also known as Talus) is a daughter of the Sabro strain and offers dissident dimensions of flavour. Foam sweets, orange, vanilla, grapefruit and coconut cream harmonise on an indulgently smooth oat rich body to create a new interpretation of the IPA that we promise is far from the typical ‘stone fruit/tropical’ profiles.

Available on the North Brewing Company web shop and across our bars from 12pm on Wednesday 23rd September!

Into The Merzbau – IPA 7%