On sale Wednesday 23rd September at 12pm, via our webshop and available to drink in or take away from your local bars and bottle shops.

Fresh in the webshop this week is Into the Merzbau. This IPA has been the can of choice after long shifts on the canning line – the brewery whatsapp group has been a blaze singing its praises!

Step into a warped dimension of senses. Like Kurt Schwitters’s installation, this beer offers new perspective on IPA. 

With thanks to Yakima Chief Hops, we present to you ‘Into The Merzbau’. A single hop IPA showcasing a new hop strain developed by The Hop Breeding Company located on Yakima Chief Ranches. 

HBC 692 (also known as Talus) is a daughter of the Sabro strain and offers dissident dimensions of flavour. Foam sweets, orange, vanilla, grapefruit and coconut cream harmonise on an indulgently smooth oat rich body to create a new interpretation of the IPA that we promise is far from the typical ‘stone fruit/tropical’ profiles.