Indy Man Beer Con 2016

So, Indy Man 2016 was a bit good wasn’t it? Where do we start? For those lucky enough to trudge down to the gorgeous Victoria Baths under the grey Manchester skies, you’ll know how ruddy ace it was this year. Despite queuing in the rain (it’s all part of the fun because once you get inside, well… beer, so who cares right?) we all hope that you had an excellent time and drunk loads of grand brews!

img_1264  img_1266  

As a brewery attending Indy Man was pretty special indeed, we set up on Thursday and were welcomed with open arms and settled in rather nicely amongst some of our favourite breweries in the country (+beyond)

It’s safe to say that we’re happy it kicked off not too long after Leeds International Beer Festival, we had just enough time to recover, brew up some more beer and then head across the Pennines to do it all over again. YES! More of that please, why can’t we have a craft beer festival every weekend? We know, it doesn’t work like that does it? But it should.

Guess what? We only went and sold out of ALL of our beers leaving just a teeny tiny little trickle of our Vespertine Sour. We’re overwhelmed with the feedback from everyone that attended and breweries that we had the pleasure of meeting for the fist time.

Big shout/out to our friends at Wylam, Beavertown, Thornbridge, Verdant, Lervig, Five Points, 6 Degrees, Briggate Beer and Hand Beer, Bundobust, Vegan Kitchen and everyone else for being ACE

Top five beers of the weekend:

  • Almighty Smog – Beavertown
  • Cloudberry Ice-cream IPA -Buxton x Omnipollo
  • Sippin’ into the Darkness – Lervig
  • Bourbon BA Tripel – Cloudwater
  • Roses Are Brett – To Øl

One last thanks to Indy Man Beer Con for knocking it out of the park once again!

Next beer festival on the agenda is Craft Beer Calling at Wylam Brewery, Newcastle! See you lot at the bar!