Happy Sunday! The suns got its hat on! We’re back once again for another edition of our ‘Staff Spotlight’. Ben is in the spotlight today. He’s part of our finance team and just look at that lovely smile! It’s always there too! – apart from when we forget to submit an invoice or receipt… Let’s meet him!

How did you come to work for North?

I’ve known the people at North since 2008 from a past life and love everything that they touch. The family of bars and the brewery are just ace! When the opportunity arose to come and be part of the team I jumped at the chance – it’s the best decision I’ve made.

What was your first memorable beer experience?

The curse of drinking in my youth meant that memories were more distorted by beer than memory making! I was always looking for something imported to feel fancy, who’d have though I didn’t need to look any further than Leeds. We make loads of great beer but the one that I still think about at least once a week is the original collab we did with Parrotdog, I can still remember sitting in Preston Bar in Oakwood one Saturday afternoon thinking it was the best beer that I’ve ever drunk.

What have you been listening to lately?

I’m constantly challenged on my music taste at home so I get little choice about what goes on. Don’t get me wrong through, put some headphones in and 90’s pop in blaring out. Fair to say I won’t be getting control of the playlist in the office anytime soon.

Where is your fave spot for a drink?

Nothing better than sitting in the back garden with some meat on the BBQ, having a beer in the sun. Although right now, what I’d give to finish work on a Friday and go and sit with the team in the new tap room at Springwell… roll on summer!