The return of the king! On sale Wednesday 2nd December at 12pm, via our web shop!

Golden Milk, originally brewed as our 2019 Rainbow Project Orange entry brewed with Fieldwork Brewing Co, from California. This is a 6% sour ale brewed with coconut in the mash, boil and in-tank post ferm. We added freshly peeled Turmeric root and a dash of cinnamon at flameout, then gave it the Triple Fruited treatment with 1.2 tons of organic Apricot.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, it sounds weird. Seriously, trust us, it’s not! Thick, sweet, aromatic, sour & spicy. Aside from Full Fathom 5, this is our most requested rebrew. 🤤 And we’re so glad it’s back! This beer even got a little glow up with a Refold design 💛