This week has been really tough at North Brewing. Last month we released our collab with Copenhagen’s Gamma Brewing, a hazy IPA + Papaya + Guava brewed during Leeds Beer Week.

We were really pleased with the way that this beer turned out – the flavours were great. The body was thick due to the addition of rolled oats and fleshy papaya, there was a little dank Simcoe touch, and an uber tropical hit from the guava, mosaic and experimental hop HBC472.

The beer poured at Borefts in Holland and at last weekend’s IMBC, and we received great feedback both in person and online.

However, we have seen some worrying photos on social media of cans that have separated or had a ‘snow globe’ effect. It seems that the enzymes in the papaya have acted as finings in the beer, causing clumps to settle at the bottom of the glass.We are really disappointed to have to recall this beer from our trade customers.

While the flavours are still there, the appearance of the beer isn’t up to the high standards that we pride ourselves on at North. Brewing with Gamma was a great opportunity, and we are absolutely gutted that this is happened to this IPA.