💦 Double drop for you this week. Both juiced up numbers, both delicious and tasty! 💦

🍓🍇 First up! Triple Fruited Gose : Strawberry + Blackberry + Blackcurrant : 4.5% 🍇🍓

What started as a bit of fun with our friends at Verdant Brewing Co back in 2018 has now grown into something a little bit bigger. Now in it’s 20th incarnation, this Triple Fruited Gose is pumping up the jam!

You know the drill, our signature thick, slick and salty gose recipe made up of big doses of oats, ale malt, salt and a sprinkle of lactose is infused with ALL of the organic fruit puree! Strawberry takes the lead with upfront candy strawberry laces and a touch of vanilla, blackberry brings its tart and gently bitter juices with blackcurrant finishing the affair with sweet acidity and concord grape like flavour.

Whilst it might be thick and it might be jammy, please don’t attempt to spread this on your toast.

🥭🌴 Next up! Brulo Beer x North Brewing Co : Mango + Guava IPA : 0.0% 🌴🥭

Imagine Piñata but with even more mango and guava puree, even more hops and NONE of the alcohol…

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at B / R / U / L / O , this is our first step into alcohol free beer! We took our beloved Piñata recipe up to dizzying heights of fruiting and hopping using Mango and Guava puree, Citra, Azzaca and El Dorado hops and fermented with a super duper smart yeast that doesn’t produce alcohol! Smooth, sweet, juicy, intensely tropical and absolutely magical!

Both will be on sale Wednesday 27th October at 12pm, via our web shop!

Early access for North Beer Club Members of the TFG on Tuesday 26th October at 12pm!