We’re releasing two beers this week! Not only will you see Fading Frontier hitting the web shop and shelves at 12pm this coming Wednesday but also…

🌏 North Brewing Co x Nanmen Craft Brew : No Coast IPA 🌏

West Coast sharp piney and bitter + East Coast IPA highly juicy and fleshy tropical = A harmonious balance of crushed pine needles and sharp unripe pineapple jabbing with an opening bitterness. Soft, ripe and slightly tart gooseberry swarm the mids whilst Talus finishes with sweet and creamy coconut, vanilla and lime.

NZ and US hops, made in the UK in collaboration with a brewery from China, bitter and piney, soft and juicy, this beer has well and truly lost its home. Can we call it an Earth IPA?

We liked Refold‘s sharp design and colour scheme so much we got some unisex t-shirts printed too! Like all our t-shirts, they’re printed by the wonderful TeeMill. A wind powered, low waste printers that use environmentally friendly inks and sustainable 100% pure organic cotton sourced from ethical farms. 🌈

On sale Wednesday 21st July at 12pm, via our web shop!