We had a great weekend up in Newcastle, at the stunningly beautiful Wylam Brewery


Craft Beer Calling was, yet again, an amazing festival to be part of – thank you to everyone who came and said ‘hi’ to Hannah, Kate and Dennis over the weekend and enjoyed our beer! You’re all so lovely!

We were visited by some of the lovely staff from North Bar on the Friday, and we took them down to By the River Brew Co and to see some of the sites of Newcastle in the rain.

Massive thank you to all the staff at Wylam who looked after us, made sure everything was tickety-boo and made sure that the festival ran smoothly! And to the DJs, who kept us motivated and, on the Saturday night, dancing for hours! We even had a chap break dancing in front of our bar!!

The selection of beers on offer was outstanding and made us appreciate the amazing industry that we are part of even more.

Until next time Newcastle 👋