Craft Beer Calling 2016

Finally recovered from a brilliant weekend in the North East, (an especially nostalgic and proud moment for our @NorthbarChris who hails from Sunderland), we were honoured to be among a selection of outstanding UK brewing talent, great breweries on all sides housed in a jaw dropping venue, Wylam Brewery in Exhibition Park on the edge of Newcastle city centre. Big thanks to all of the lovely people we hung out with and those who we met for the first time, a small selection named below but apologies to the many we haven’t listed, there was a bit of beer involved and our collective memories are slightly hazy.

Great catching up with Jack and Bruce from Left Handed Giant, who had one of our favourite beers in their Flanders Red, although we had many fine ales from our peers including some great brews from our neighbours Tempest and Thornbridge (both lovely folk too!), Mad Hatter, Hawkshead, Magic Rock etc. etc. Food was fantastic, Longhorns BBQ never fails to hit the spot and the Pizza Fella Neapolitan style pizzas were amazing. We were fortunate to have the lovely Pink Lane Coffee by our sides and when we were flagging, their bright Rwandan espresso kept us marching on.

Smashing also chatting/seeing/boozing with, among many many others, Beavertown Jonny, Fourpure Sophie, Fivepoints Doreen, New Wave Chris, Hawkshead Ben, Wylam Dave, the James Clay gang James, Ben & Mike of course with his hammertime, Colour Coffee Anth, Bottle Shop Joe, Bierex Dee, Mad Hatter Angus, Kirkstall Erin, Magic Rock Duncan, Head of Steam Daisy, Cave Jim, Erin, Glen & Hughesy….

The legendary north east hospitality and warmth was in abundance, as was the (massive!) swan poo in Exhibition Park. Finally, a shout out to all of the Wylam staff for being awesome!

Here’s ‘til next year, when we’ll probably still be wearing our non-removeable Black Lodge tattoos, cheers!

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